Monday, December 8, 2008

Pine Mountain, Part II

Lower Ridge:

"Involuntary Luge", Black, Hard - SDS "Dreams", climb straight up.
Green, Medium - SDS, climb the right arete
Red, Medium - SDS, link right arete into "Dreams"

Site 1:
Directly across the road from site 1 is a boulder with the following problems :

Right Line, Medium - SDS, up and left on slopers
Center Line, Medium - SDS, couple of difficult moves leads to easy finish

Site 3:
"Yogi", Red, V3 - SDS to "Apocalypse Now"
"Full Mediation", Blue, V5 - SDS, traverse left and up into "Apocalypse Now"

The Keep:
On the other side of "Unjustified" is this problem:
"Little Bit Louder" (?), Green, V6/7 - Left hand on dish and right hand on pebble, cross into high right hand, long pull to left hand dish, and finish straight up


ryan said...

The problem actually goes out farther left so the top out is straight over the top of the boulder. Quality Problem!

Bob said...

Not surprisingly, because it's on such an obvious boulder, this is an old Wills problem. I'm pretty sure he had more than one on this bloc. I actually mapped out the entire north side of the road on the ridge but didn't put it in O11, mainly because the rock is more crap than not on that side. Maybe on my original maps I had a name for this thing, but I don't remember. Next time I get in the archive box I'll take a look.

Brian Spiering said...

I updated some info.