Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lower Noir, Part II

Directly across from the Noir Boulder is a small boulder in the river with two problems not listed in Ocean's Eleven:

Hard - SDS on jug, move to series of small pockets and a seam
Easy - slab to the right of the seam, jump start from adjacent boulder is easier then a direct start

There is a Vo to the left of the seam, listed in Ocean's Eleven.

100ft down the creek is low angle wall:

(The comment refers to the old version of the website.)

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SB said...

"Not Every Pony Grows Up To Be A Pegasus" V8:
NOT an FA - turns out Bernd fired this thing 2 years ago... BUT, Ben did break the starting jug 3 weeks ago so... the sit is open project once again. Stand is still intact - hard, slopey, and sandy!! Bernd, Ben, and I felt the stand start is hard V7.